A General Guide to Key Boxes

A General Guide to Key Boxes

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There are all sorts of complementary security devices that can be used together with door locksets. Among them, you will find the key boxes. Traditionally, they have been used primarily by businesses that have to keep a large number of keys. Now they come in all shapes and sizes to match the needs of both business owners and home owners. Get all of the important information about them so that you can make the best decision regarding their use. A General Guide to Key Boxes

Types, Designs and Uses

The boxes for keys fall into two major categories. The first category includes the so called key cabinets which are installed indoors. They are used for keeping keys secure and well organised. They are designed to accommodate a large number of items. Depending on their size, they can fit as few as twenty keys and as many as one hundred. Even though they may have considerable length and width, they are not very deep. In fact, each item is directly accessible after opening the door for maximum convenience and for safety purposes. These cabinets are used by many businesses from those with large office buildings to hotel ones.

The second category includes small boxes that can accommodate no more than five keys. They are usually installed outdoors. In this way, spare keys can be accessed immediately by the property owner in case of a home lockout. At the same time, since the boxes are quite strong and have a secure locking mechanism, they provide good protection from theft. These small boxes are often used by landlords to enable tenants to get inside without passing the key to them personally.

In the past, the cabinets, in particular, had a padlock for securing the keys inside. Now both cabinets and the smaller boxes use much more advanced locking mechanisms. There are models with combination locks which are quite reliable. The more advanced models use electronic locks with a keypad. They are considered to offer a higher level of security, but this actually depends on the precise type of technology used and on the make of the cabinet or box as well.

While it is essential for some businesses to use key cabinets, homeowners have greater flexibility when it comes to making this choice regarding the smaller boxes. They are effective as it is quite difficult for them to be opened by a person who does not know the combination. Still, you have to take into account the fact that if the box is not securely installed, it can be stolen. In this case, immediate lock rekey service or replacement will be needed.

If you decide to buy a key box of a specific type and size, you must ensure that it is sufficiently secure, strong and convenient to use.

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