Emergency Services

Emergency Services

If you have lost your car key or got locked out of your flat, know that our team is always available to provide fast emergency services and to solve any lock and key issue.

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Very often, lock and key issues are urgent and require immediate solution. Make sure that you will take the right steps.

Lock Repair

Are you struggling to get the key into the lock or turn it inside? The solutions range from adjusting and lubricating the lock to replacing the cylinder, if it’s broken. Sometimes, the key is to blame for the problem. If it’s worn, bent or chipped, it should be replaced right away. The replacement key should work without a glitch. When the key turns, but the door can’t be unlocked, the multipoint mechanism has most likely failed. If it’s worn or broken, it should be changed.

Broken Key Extraction

When rusty, bent and worn keys are used, they can easily break inside the lock, especially if you apply extra force to the bow. The first step of the solution involves extracting the broken piece or pieces. This has to be done with extra care to avoid damaging the lock. There are special tools for the purpose. If it has already been damaged, it should be fixed right away. When the damage is beyond repair, lock change is the only possible solution. This is an opportunity to get a more advanced and secure door lockset in addition to new keys.

Door Lock Rekey

Emergency Lock ChangeIf you have lost your home or office key, rekeying the lock is the primary solution. It involves changing the pins inside the cylinder so that the missing key will no longer be able to unlock the door. You will use a new set of keys. The sooner the affected lock is rekeyed the better. It’s worth noting that in case of lost car key, the ignition should be rekeyed in the shortest possible time. When the lock can’t be rekeyed because it isn’t designed for this or is too old or dated, it should be replaced.

If you get into trouble with a lock and key and need help fast, count on us, at Locksmith Sunbury-on-Thames. We repair and replace locks and keys of all types and brands. Our home, office and auto solutions include rekeying too.

Call us to use our emergency services any time of day or night and go over our website to learn more about them.

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